Redefine couture
Couture is not just for special occasions.
Redefine couture for the everyday.
A finer moment
Rejoice in pieces that captivate and
complete any occasion.
The new heirloom
Made with exceptional quality, Sethi Couture pieces are not only
timeless but purposefully designed to be passed down for generations to come.
Everyday elegance
Celebrate everyday with contrasting hues and airy designs
for an effortless style.
Any way you want
Define your personal style by mixing, layering, and stacking Sethi
Couture any way you want and reinvent yourself everyday.
Your Favorite Bands
Stacks, they're kind of our thing. Endless possibilities giving collectors,
fashionistas, and brides-to-be the freedom to showcase her style.
The Bridal Collection
The marriage of old world craftsmanship
with today's bride's passion for personalization.
The Sethi Couture Lookbook
The Heritage Collection
Inspired by a passage to India and finding beauty in the flaws and imperfections of a century old courtyard home, this collection tells the story of the past, a story of heritage.
Unique shapes of old mine and rose cut diamonds and the selection of one of a kind stones influence the covetable designs in this collection.